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'Jam Jam Revolution!' is a simple game about hitting arrows and listening to music. Simply hit the arrows and gain points! Got an Xbox360 controller? Plug it in and it'll work too! See if you can beat all three levels! Happy Jammin'!

This game was made during the GBJam and was inspired by games like Dance Dance Revolution and Project Diva. The game itself was created from scratch with DirectX9, Photoshop, and a mobile music making app. Due to the nature of DirectX, the game will only run on windows platforms.

If you experience any problems getting the game to run please contact me via the comment section or email at: alexanderman2004@yahoo.com.

Good news! The game's code is now up on GitHub! Check it out here. Make changes to your hearts content and I'll even update it! Have fun :)

Install instructions

  1. Unzip the game in it's entirety.
  2. If receiving errors, be sure you have DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) installed. If not, you can install it from Microsoft's website here
  3. If you receive errors regarding missing prompts, images, etc... Delete the game and reinstall. Make sure you unzip it properly or else it will not run.


Jam Jam Revolution! 51 MB

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